Credit Control Software for Sage

Start Chasing Debt In Less Than 15 Minutes


  • Improve Cash flow
  • Increase Productivity
  • Get paid faster
  • Reduce bad debt
  • Reduces long term overdue balances
  • Faster dispute resolution
  • Save on factoring costs
  • Chase hundreds of debtors in one go
  • Use time more efficiently
  • Improves communication with customers in arrears
  • Great value for money


Chase customers on an individual basis or have Credit Chaser do the dirty work for you with its built in automation module.




Integrates Seamlessly with Sage Instant Accounts Plus and Sage 50


Customer Activity

Credit Chaser is a credit control solution that integrates real time with your Sage Accounts data.

Chase outstanding invoices from your customers individually or automate by creating simple rules and Credit Chaser will chase them for you.

You can communicate by sending SMS messages, emails, letter and by telephone. Credit Controllers can view all communication history including all outstanding Sage transactions in the timeline view.

When you update customer records in Credit Chaser it will automatically update them in Sage and vice-versa.

Send SMS

Send SMS

Whether you are a B2B or B2C business sending SMS messages chasing outstanding invoices is a powerful feature. Purchase SMS credits and use Credit Chaser to instantly chase your customers. Use merge templates to create pre-defined SMS texts that can be used over and over again at a click of a button.

Send Email

Send Email

Credit Chaser works with Microsoft Outlook to send emails to your customers. Create mail merge templates that can include merge data such as outstanding transactions or a full statement as well as ageing data.

Drag email responses from your customers out of Outlook into Credit Chaser for a complete 2-way email trail.

Print letters

Print Letters

Using Credit Chasers MS Word compatible word processor, printing letters can be performed with a couple of clicks of the mouse button.

Use mail merge documents that can include statement information as well as ageing data. Credit Chaser will also create a link to the document in the customers timeline.

Log Telephone Conversations

Log Telephone Conversations

By far the best way to get your money in is to get on the phone and demand it. Log phone calls with your customers and record promised payment dates and amounts. Follow ups can also be created to chase the customer should they fail to make payment. Credit Chaser will automatically cancel the follow up call if the customer pays the outstanding amount.

Create check list scripts for your credit control team based on the outcome of the conversation to help ensure the customer is fully aware of their obligations to paying the outstanding balance.



Use the calendar and call lists to ensure follow up calls are not missed. Managers can view each user’s diary and re-assign calls if necessary.

Automate your Credit Control - Part One

Automate your Credit Control - Part One

As well as being able to manually chase your customers, Credit Chaser has a built in automation module. Imagine being able to chase all your customers who owed you money at a click of a button.

Well with Credit Chaser you can!

Create simple rules on a number of criteria options such as how late the invoice is, on an ageing basis or the status of the account and have Credit Chaser automatically send SMS messages, emails and print letters at a click of a button.

Automate your Credit Control - Part Two

Automate your Credit Control - Part Two

Once you have set up your criteria for your rule, simply configure the actions you wish to take. Using the mail merge templates you have created setup the actions to send SMS, emails and to print letters. Follow up calls and also be set for credit controllers too.

Advanced actions allow you to change the account status in Sage automatically. For example you can automatically put the customer on hold in Sage if the customer is 60 days late. You can also apply a late payment charge automatically as well as applying user tags for filtering.

Click on RUN and Credit Chaser will send SMS, emails and print letters in one go!

Notes and Attachments

Notes and Attachments

Attach unlimited notes and files to customer records as well as been able to attach files direct from your scanner.

Credit Chaser provides you will a full timeline of communication that will display SMS, emails, letters, calls, notes, attachments and sage transactions.



The customer dashboard will give you an instant snapshot of age debt as well as your top 5 debtors.

Aged Debtors

Aged Debtors

View your aged debtors just as it is in Sage including all relating outstanding Sage transactions. Double click on any transaction to display relating transactions such as payments made against an invoice.



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Send SMS
Send Email
Send Letters
Set up Follow up calls
Auto Chasing Rules
Works with Sage Instant Accounts
Works with Sage Line 50
150 Sage Customers
Number of users 1
Number of Companies 1
Additional User N/A
Additional Company N/A
Includes 14 Days Support

£495 +vat

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Send SMS
Send Email
Send Letters
Set up Follow up calls
Auto Chasing Rules
Works with Sage Instant Accounts
Works with Sage Line 50
Unlimited number of Users *
Unlimited number of Companies **
Unlimited number of Sage customers
Additional User £295 +VAT
Additional Company £295 +VAT
Includes 14 Days Support

£1195 +vat

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*   Requires purchase of additional users.
**  Requires purchase of additional companies.
*** Optional monthly support includes upgrades and telephone support.


We offer a generous finder's fee if you are a Sage reseller or accountant with customers who would be interested in using Credit Chaser. All you have to do is introduce the software to the client and we will do the hard work. Contact us for more information

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Credit Chaser Support


Credit Chaser is supplied with 30 days telephone support by submitting a support ticket on our support portal.

What is covered ?

  •  Telephone Support (covered by submitting a ticket on our Support Suite)
  •  Email Support (covered by submitting a ticket on our Support Suite)
  •  Remote assist where we will log onto your computer to resolve your issue
  •  Access to answered questions on the online knowledge base
  •  Data Repair. Where data has been corrupted we will attempt to fix the problem
  •  Major and Minor program updates

Support is available after 30 days on a rolling month by month basis which means you can cancel at anytime. For further information call us on 0114 2307305



Write to us via e-mail
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Visionbase Software Limited, Riverdale, 89 Graham Road, Sheffield, S10 3GP

Company No. 3011382

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1.   Can we buy Credit Chaser direct from yourself?
You can purchase Credit Chaser either by call us on 0114 2307305 or through your local reseller

2. Is Credit Chaser available over a network or Cloud?
Credit Chaser is available on any network or cloud device where the user has access to their Sage Data folder (eg COMPANY.000) folder.

3. Can Credit Chaser be multi user and/or multi company?
Yes, Credit Chaser can work for an unlimited amount of users who all must have access to the same Sage data folder through the same network path. Multi-Company is also available to an unlimited level, with the best thing being that using Credit Chaser, you don’t have to log in and out of each company.

4. How does Credit Chaser work real time with my Sage data?
Does this mean it updates Sage and Vice Versa? Because the software works through the network/pc link to your Sage data it means that anything that changes in Sage will also update Credit Chaser or vice versa. This means when you take a receipt from a debtor this will clear in Credit Chaser.

5. Do you have to have Microsoft Word to send letters?
One of the other great modules of Credit Chaser is it’s inbuilt MS Word compatible word processor. You can then print these on paper or send via email to your customer.

6. How does the SMS functionality work?
Credit Chaser works with AQL text messaging service. This will allow you to send text messages to individuals or groups of people their Sage balance and / or whatever is defined by pre-defined templates.

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